Rock climbing route guides for South Africa - well, eventually anyway. The current guide only features the Struben's Valley area in Johannesburg, but route guides for the other area's are due soon.


Created after a marine biologist dropped a carefully customised database over the side of the Zodiac for the third time, GQLx is a scripting language that wraps the Google Doc's spreadsheet API with a SQL-like syntax.

More information, including an online Javascript console at:


An experimental implementation of the concept behind FISHMS that makes use of the low cost of instant messaging and the emerging mobile phone IM clients to provide more information and a much more interactive experience.

More information on the FISHMX website:


A joint project with SASSI (the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) and iVeri Payment Technology, FISHMS made the conservation status of seafood from the South African coast available to the restaurant going consumers by SMS.

Four years later its answered almost 120 000 requests from 25 000 conservation-minded South African's....


A joint project with iVeri Payment Technology, IMPI is a mobile phone point-of-sale terminal designed for use in Africa - where high speed robust communications is not always conveniently available to enterprising businesses.

Currently available in South Africa to Nedbank merchants.